Cockroaches have an exoskeleton covering their bodies. The exoskeleton makes them survive in the harshest environments. That’s why they can live in sewers, in garbage bugs, even in the plumbing. The most effective way to avoid this is to ensure that these nasty insects do not get into your house in the first place. These are some basic control methods. According to, if you live in a cockroach-infested neighborhood, you could consider cockroach control. Make sure that all the plumbing switch plates and walls are completely sealed. These areas provide the easiest entry for cockroaches to your home. You should also place fiberglass on the window screen that is over the vent pipes to prevent the insects from gaining access through the sewer pipes above.

It is also well known that cleanliness is a sure bet to get rid of the cockroaches. Therefore sanitation is key to keeping them away. Make sure to eliminate all the food sources for them. Empty the indoor trash regularly. It’s also important to eliminate the open indoor garbage and replace them with sealed outdoor garbage cans. Make sure you also clean your dishes immediately after meals. Elimination of moisture sources is also key. These insects need water to survive and therefore you should avoid pools of water in the sink. Cockroaches are also capable of fitting into a 1.6mm crack, therefore you should fill those up to eliminate their likely habitat. Remember that they like the dark places in the house.

If the cockroaches have already gained access to your premises, then it’s important to use nontoxic methods and solutions to control and remove cockroaches. This might sound unbelievable, but soapy water does work. Just spray it directly on the cockroaches since they die if directly sprayed with soapy water. You can also use bread crumbs that are soaked in beer, and placed in a bottle. There are also cockroach traps available in the market

The key to removing cockroaches is baiting. Always use the pesticide with foods that the cockroaches are likely to be attracted to. Like flour, or crumbs, or even soup. And remember to place these in dark regions of the house, since cockroaches live in those places. There are various inorganic dusts in the market that kill cockroaches. These include diatomaceous earth [silica gel] and boric acid. The diatomaceous earth works by cutting through the exoskeleton of the cockroaches, killing and absorbing all the water in them. The dehydrated insects could then run all over looking for water. Therefore do not be surprised to see them a lot after using this method. It works in about 2 weeks.

There is also cockroach repellent called catnip, which contains nepetalactone. You can either leave sachets of these in their habitats or dissolve in water and spray there. Catnip should only be used in homes without cats. It is also workable to use insect growth inhibitors. These are very specific to insects and the hamper their growth by paralyzing their growth hormones. These are helpful since they do not affect mammals. An outdoor method to curb these cockroaches is by using parasitic wasps. They are parasites of the cockroach egg case, called the ootheca. They feed on it, hence reduce the population of the insects in the outdoor.

These methods are effective nontoxic methods and solutions to control and remove cockroaches. They are known to work, and remember that the key is baiting them at their habitats.

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