There are many things you need to consider before choosing a local pest control company. First and foremost, a reputable pest control firm should be fully licensed technicians that can deal with all pests. A license in integrated pest management should suffice. You really don’t want to have anyone who is not licensed using poisons and chemicals in your home.

The second factor you should consider is expertise. Your choice of a pest control firm will depend on whether the companies you are looking at have the necessary expertise or specialization to deal with the pests you have. Some companies only deal with wildlife removal. Usually these providers are not licensed for pests. Keep in mind that even among the licensed ones there are companies that only do mouse removal or cockroach removal. Many technicians specialize in specific pests and avoid doing jobs that are outside their area of expertise.

If you are dealing with a termite problem you should know that only a few companies can provide termite treatments. In Ontario, there is a second license a technician needs to hold aside from the general pest control license in order to be qualified to deal with these pests. In general, most technicians in Toronto hold the general pest management licenses

Of course licensing is not the only thing that you should look for when trying to pick a pest control company. Price is another important factor. Lower prices does not always mean better. There are many technicians out there that go in and out of the profession every year looking to make some quick money. A lot of them do not really keep their promises when it comes to warranties or guarantees. That is why you might want to look for more reputable companies that have been in the business for more than a year or two.

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